Navigational Bronchoscopy Now Available at Colquitt Regional

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Navigational Bronchoscopy Now Available at Colquitt Regional

Procedure Detects Lung Lesions Earlier

MOULTRIE, GA – Colquitt Regional as part of its comprehensive lung health program, now offers a minimally invasive procedure that may aid with earlier diagnosis for patients with lung lesions. An earlier diagnosis increases the survival rate for those with cancer and patients with benign conditions can potentially avoid surgery.

Hospital Authority Chairman Richard Bass noted the impact this procedure could have on the population in our area. “There is a great deal of research documenting the prevalence of lung cancer in our region and we know that it is the leading cancer killer in the U.S.,” said Bass. “Finding the disease early drastically improves survival rates and that is exactly what we aim to do by making this new procedure available to patients at Colquitt Regional.”

The Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy procedure, also known as an ENB procedure, allows physicians to navigate and access difficult-to-reach areas of the lung from the inside.

The superDimension navigation system used in the procedure has GPS-like technology making it a significant advancement for pulmonologists like Dr. Michael Brown, a member of the medical staff at Colquitt Regional. “Traditional diagnostic approaches including bronchoscopy, needle biopsy and surgery have several limitations. Traditional bronchoscopy is only effective with larger and more centrally located lesions, needle biopsies can sometimes cause lung collapse, and surgery may require a large incision and a long recovery time,” said Brown. “This state-of-the-art technology guides us through the complicated web of pathways inside the lungs, so I am able to access and sample target tissue throughout the entire lung without invasive surgery. Ultimately, patients may avoid unnecessary surgical procedures for non-malignant lung nodules or have earlier diagnosis for lung cancer which leads to increased likelihood for a positive health outcome.”

During a Navigational Bronchoscopy procedure, CT scan images are used to create a roadmap of the thousands of tiny pathways inside the lungs. The LungGPS technology then provides a roadmap that allows physicians to guide tiny tools through the lung pathways so they can take tissue samples of the lesion and place markers for future treatment.

“Dr. Brown has been an exceptional addition to our medical staff and we are excited about the patients that will benefit from this new procedure,” said Colquitt Regional CEO Jim Matney. “We are constantly re-evaluating our hospital and the health needs of this community and providing our physicians with the latest in medical technologies is a demonstration of our commitment to meeting those needs.”

Dr. Michael Brown is Board Certified in Pulmonary Medicine and Critical-Care; he joined the medical staff at Colquitt Regional in 2015. His practice, Moultrie Pulmonology, is located at 7 Hospital Park. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Brown call 229-985-4469.

The second week of May is Women’s Lung Health Week and Colquitt Regional is encouraging men and women between the ages of 50-80 who have a 30+ year history of smoking to consider a low-dose CT lung screening. Like the navigational bronchoscopy, this low-dose CT scan is another valuable tool that may help catch lung cancer early. This is available in the Radiology Department of Colquitt Regional and does not require a physician’s referral. Those interested in scheduling an appointment for the screening should call 229-985-EXAM(3926).