Resident Spotlight: Marco Hur

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Marco HurResident Spotlight: Marco Hur

“Nobody honks.” That’s what Dr. Marco Hur likes about Moultrie, Georgia. Since moving from Atlanta, Hur has enjoyed the small-town feel and friendly environment that Moultrie offers.

Originally from South Korea, Hur moved to the States in 2004, where he completed his undergraduate at the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. “I didn’t like the atmosphere and competition with my peers that business entails. In the medical field, however, we work together towards an end goal of helping the patient,” he said. That’s why Hur went on to pursue his other degree in Pre-Medical Studies. In 2012, Hur continued his medical education at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

PCOM is a multi-program institution that offers the doctor of osteopathic medicine degree, the doctor of pharmacy degree, and masters’ degrees in biomedical sciences and physician assistant studies. Hur completed his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) in 2016.

When choosing a physician residency, the biggest thing for Hur was that the Georgia South Family Medicine Residency offered an unopposed program. The hybrid nature of the program gives residents a unique training opportunity in both clinical and academic settings. “Working at Georgia South gives us the chance to be the only residents in the hospital while receiving one-on-one instruction from specialists daily,” Hur said. Each month, residents rotate to a different specialty.

Currently, Hur is in outpatient pediatrics following attending physician, Dr. Andrew Wills. In addition to clinical rotations, residents also benefit academically. Every Wednesday, residents attend academic half-days in the Friedlander Board Room. These half-days offer tremendous resources, complex cases, and research opportunities. The days are even broken up to include yoga and other activities. “You never get bored,” Hur said.

Family Medicine covers all branches of medicine, another factor that Hur considered when choosing his residency. “The scope ranges anywhere from OB, to follow-up visits, to in-office procedures specializing in patients anywhere from age 0-90,” he said. In addition to its all-encompassing nature, Family Medicine acts as the front line doctors. “We see the patients, and we direct where they go from there.”

Hur knows that Georgia South is preparing him for his future. “I’ve gotten a lot of experience. The working hours aren’t malignant, and we have manageable schedules. I feel very comfortable taking care of both inpatients and outpatients,” Hur said. Beyond the educational aspects, there are other rewarding parts of the program, like patient interaction. “Nothing beats the gratitude that patients and their families express,” he said.

After completion of his residency, Dr. Hur hopes to pursue a career as a hospitalist. In particular, Hur enjoys procedures. “It can be as simple as an ingrown toenail, or a laceration repair. I just like being thorough and taking care of patients,” he said.