Sterling Center Women’s Health Offering Patients Latest in Ultrasound Technology

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Sterling Center Women’s Health Offering Patients Latest in Ultrasound Technology

Moultrie, GA – One of the most exciting moments during pregnancy is when parents can see ultrasound images of their baby. Patients at the Sterling Center Women’s Health can now experience the latest ultrasound technology during prenatal visits. Recently a new Ultrasound scanner was purchased, and it provides 2D, 3D, and 4D images as well as HD capabilities.

“Our patients love the new ultrasound,” says Dr. Tony Reed. “The quality of the images that we are able to see is such an improvement over the traditional gray/white grainy ultrasound that patients are accustomed to receiving. As a physician, it gives us a much better view of fetal anatomy, facial characteristics, and other abnormalities that may be present.”

A 3D scan is a still picture of the baby shown in three dimensions. For a 4D scan, the baby can be seen moving around in real time. In addition to 3D/4D, the ultrasound in use at the Sterling Center Women’s Health also has HD/live technology which adds a virtual light source to the image, calculating the location of shadows and even the translucency of the baby’s skin.

Patients can take home printed pictures of the ultrasounds, and they can purchase a jump drive that will hold all of the digital images and videos taken over the course of the pregnancy.

The Sterling Center Women’s Health is in the process of building a new 7,000 square foot facility that will include 16 exam rooms, 7 treatment rooms and separate lobbies for OB patients and GYN patients. Mammography services that are presently inside Colquitt Regional will also be located in the building making it more convenient for patients to have their annual exam and mammogram at the same visit.

“We have an outstanding group of physicians over at the Sterling Center Women’s Health,” said Colquitt Regional CEO Jim Matney. “In addition to Dr. Tony Reed, Dr. Jim Small, and Dr. Daniel York, we have recently added a new Nurse Practitioner, Jessica Fields. We have also invested in state-of-the-art technologies with the DYSIS Colposcopy and the EndoSee Diagnostic Hysteroscopy. These tools in addition to the new Ultrasound reinforce the commitment we have to provide our patients with exceptional healthcare.”

For more information on the services available at Sterling Center Women’s Health or to schedule an appointment, please call 229-985-2198. All providers are accepting new patients.