Vereen Center Introduces Golf Performance Program

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MOULTRIE, Ga. – Vereen Rehabilitation Center recently introduced a new golf performance program into its service line called Vereen SwingFit.

Vereen athletic trainer and athletic training services coordinator Jaclyn K. Donovan, MBA, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS completed training for Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certification in July. At its core, the Titleist Performance Institute exists to help golfers improve their game while reducing golf-specific injuries. TPI is known globally for its expertise in golf performance at the highest levels. TPI training teaches medical professionals to evaluate the Body-Swing Connection™, which helps golfers achieve their most efficient swing based on their physical capabilities. The TPI approach also includes detailed swing analysis and science-based player conditioning to help golfers improve their performance while remaining injury-free.

“The Vereen Center has benefitted many people in this region by providing access to a variety of high-quality therapy services,” said Jim Matney, Colquitt Regional President and CEO. “We are always looking for ways to expand our reach and provide cutting-edge therapy techniques, such as Vereen SwingFit, to help our patients.”

Donovan recently completed Level One training for Titleist Performance Institute, which consisted of an online education portion along with hands-on training in Atlanta. As of Sept. 30, Donovan also finished Medical Level Two, with plans to complete Medical Level Three in the spring. While the Level One certification focuses on the fundamental concepts of the TPI approach, Medical Level Two training focuses on improving the provider’s diagnostic skills through use of the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). This assessment is used to pinpoint the exact cause of a player’s musculoskeletal dysfunction and differentiate between mobility and stability problems. TPI encourages the use of a holistic approach and innovative technologies to increase player performance while decreasing the risk of injury.

“Jaclyn is the only certified TPI trainer in the Southwest Georgia region, so we are excited to introduce this new program to the area,” said Scott Romanowski, PT, OCS, Assistant Vice President of Rehabilitation Services. “This training is great for a range of people, such as golf players who simply want
to enhance their performance or those who are working their way back into the game after injury.”

SwingFit launched on Oct. 11 and is already accepting patients. For more information, contact Donovan at 229-890-3553.

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