Colquitt Regional Presents 2022 Healthcare Scholarships

MOULTRIE, Ga. – Colquitt Regional recently awarded the recipients of its healthcare scholarships at the sixth annual Colquitt Regional Medical Foundation Scholarship Luncheon.

On May 20, Colquitt Regional honored 32 recipients at Sunset Country Club. The total amount given to those recipients through scholarships and grants exceeded $65,000.

“The Annual Scholarship Luncheon is something we look forward to every year,” said Colquitt Regional President and CEO Jim Matney. “It is always inspiring to see the many students who are working towards a career in healthcare, along with the employees we have who are furthering their education and expertise in their fields. We are proud to partner with them and acknowledge that when our students thrive, we are contributing to the success of our hospital, region, and industry at large.” 

Since 1982, the Hospital Authority Board of Trustees has provided an annual $5,000 scholarship to a citizen of Colquitt County who is pursuing a career in healthcare. This scholarship is also given in honor of an individual who has made a lasting impact on the medical field. This year, the scholarship was given in honor of Madis Spires, who worked for Colquitt Regional for 40 years, both as a nurse and as Vice President of Inpatient Services. 

Spires could not attend the luncheon, so in her place, her daughter, Shannon Spires McAlphin, presented the 2022 Hospital Authority Trustee Scholarship to Beylee Roberts. Roberts is currently a senior at Georgia Southern University, where she is working to obtain her bachelor of science degree in nursing. She previously worked as a nurse assistant in the ICU at Colquitt Regional and hopes to return after graduation to work in either the emergency department or ICU.

For the second year, the Hospital Authority awarded a scholarship to a PCOM South Georgia student pursuing a career in healthcare. Stew Merdian, a first-year student at Moultrie’s PCOM campus, received a $5,000 award.

The Colquitt Regional Medical Foundation awarded three donor scholarships at $5,000 each. The Diane and Jim Lowry Scholarship, named after its donors, was awarded to Laura Brooks. Brooks is a nurse assistant in the ICU at Colquitt Regional and will begin the Southern Regional Technical nursing program in August.

The Jane and Sam Perry Scholarship, given by the Brooks Sheldon family in memory of his parents, was given to Abby Patterson, RN. Patterson is a registered nurse in the Colquitt Regional emergency department and is currently enrolled at Georgia Southwestern State University, where she is pursuing her dream of becoming a nurse practitioner.

The Anne and Monty Carlton Family Scholarship, given by the Carlton family, was presented to Stacie Ussery. Ussery has been a Colquitt Regional employee since 1999 and has served in various roles before her current position in information systems. She is pursing the LPN to RN program at Southern Regional Technical College.

Five students were chosen for the Colquitt Regional Employee Committee Scholarship. To be eligible for the award, the recipient must be a graduating senior who is also a dependent of a Colquitt Regional employee. This year, a $2,000 scholarship was awarded to Tucker Brown, Jaiden Lane, Ella Stephenson, Joseph Pezent, and Lacey Allen.

Each year, the Colquitt Regional Volunteers provide the Rev. J.E. Moak Scholarship to graduating seniors who plans to pursue a career in healthcare. This year’s recipients are Ariel Nobles, Hayden Roberts, and Allison Taylor, who all received a $1,000 award.

Jimmy and Rosalind Jeter established the Kate Jeter Scholarship in May 2000 in memory of their daughter Kate Majors Jeter. The 2022 recipients are Lilla Craft, Ariel Dudding, Nathan Harden, Cameron Strange, and Allison Taylor. Each of these recipients received a $2,000 scholarship.

Colquitt Regional also presented Teacher Partnership Grant Awards to 13 teachers in Colquitt County. This grant is available to math or science teachers in Colquitt County schools to provide aid for a school project or educational activity.

The recipients included: Zana Spell, Sunset Elementary School; Ashley Pitts, Doerun Elementary School; Justin McDowell, Hamilton Elementary School; Jennifer Merritt, Norman Park Elementary School; Hayley Jarvis, R.B. Wright Elementary School; Justin Liles, Odom Elementary School; NaCole Knutson, Cox Elementary School; Amanda McPherson and Michele Croft; Stringfellow Elementary School; Jason Suber, GEAR; Anita Hrncirik, Williams Middle School; Casey Dudley, Gray Junior High School; Vance Hurst, Colquitt County High School; and Christine Ray, Colquitt Christian Academy.

“Not only is it imperative that we invest in our students, but we must also ensure that the teachers in our community have the necessary resources to cultivate curiosity and facilitate learning in subjects crucial to healthcare, such as science and math,” said Hospital Authority Chairman Richard E. Turner, Jr. “Through these grants, our teachers are able to provide students with enhanced opportunities that reach beyond traditional learning experiences.”

For more information on scholarships presented by Colquitt Regional, please contact Foundation Director Nicole Gilbert at 229-890-3416 or click here to send us a message.


Row 1, left picture – Pictured L to R: Shannon Spires McAlphin, daughter of honoree Madis Spires, 2022 Hospital Authority Trustee Scholarship recipient Beylee Roberts, and Hospital Authority Chairman Richard E. Turner, Jr.

Row 1, right picture – Pictured L to R: Hospital Authority Chairman Richard E. Turner, Jr. and 2022 Hospital Authority Trustee PCOM South Georgia Scholarship recipient Stew Merdian

Row 2, left picture – Pictured L to R: Diane Lowry, 2022 Diane and Jim Lowry Scholarship recipient Laura Brooks, and Jim Lowry

Row 2, right picture – Pictured L to R: Janet Sheldon, Brooks Sheldon, 2022 Jane and Sam Perry Scholarship Recipient Abby Patterson, and Wilson Sheldon, son of Janet and Brooks Sheldon

Row 3, left picture – Pictured L to R: Monty Carlton III, 2022 Anne and Monty Carlton Family Scholarship recipient Stacey Ussery, and Monty Carlton, Jr.

Row 3, right picture – Pictured L to R: 2022 Employee Committee Scholarship recipients Ella Stephenson, Jaiden Lane, Employee Committee President Amanda Adams, and recipient Tucker Brown

Row 4, left picture – Pictured L to R: Jimmy Jeter and 2022 Kate Jeter Scholarship recipients Allison Taylor, Cameron Strange, Nathan Harden, Lilla Craft, and Ariel Dudding

Row 4, right picture – Pictured L to R: Colquitt Regional Volunteer Services President Laura Brooks, 2022 Rev. J.E. Moak Scholarship recipients Hayden Roberts, Allison Taylor, Ariel Noble, and Colquitt Regional Volunteer Services Treasurer Brenda Foy