About Us

Welcome to Georgia South! The Georgia South Psychiatry Residency Program (Georgia South) is a rural, community-based program that is institutionally sponsored by the South Georgia Medical Education and Research Consortium. Come and experience four years of comprehensive learning opportunities in a relationship-rich rural setting that offers work-life balance, a diverse array of extracurricular activities, and faculty dedicated to your personal and professional success.

Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive psychiatric learning and training experience within a diverse and underserved rural community.

Program Aims

To Expose residents to diverse and underserved patient populations in rural communities to enhance sensitivity, compassion, and clinical skills. We further aim to promote a collaborative, regional centered approach to patient care in partnership with other mental/behavioral health providers.

Residency Recruitment Fairs

Upcoming Open House Dates: July 20, 2022 / October 19, 2022 / April 19, 2023 / July 19, 2023 / October 18, 2023