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Dr. McCoy

   Dr. McCoy first began his practice in Moultrie in 1945. He lived most of his boyhood in Worth county and attended Norman Junior College, Emory University and Emory Medical School.

    While at Emory he became food friends with Dr. Frank Gay and Dr. P.D. Conger. All three men were natives of this area but none were originally from Colquitt County. Dr. McCoy, like the other two was attracted to Moultrie and Vereen Memorial and he came to the city as a partner to Dr. A. G. Funderburk. He later partnered with Dr. McLeod and Dr. Cecil Brannen before soloing the last 17 years of his practice. Dr. McCoy practiced for thirty-six years in Colquitt County and his place in local folklore is secure and will be for some time.