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Back Pain Can Be Recurring

Colquitt Regional Medical Center Rehabilitation Services



Back pain is a broad term that includes pain from the neck, mid-back, low back and pelvis.  Frequently, back pain develops from either a specific identifiable traumatic event or develops slowly, with no exact cause – just wear and tear on the body.

 However, further studies indicate that the return of back pain occurs in 58% of people and continued problems occur in 42% of those who experience back pain.  So, despite an overall recovery rate, most people can expect to experience some difficulties.



So, what can be done to prevent back pain? 

  1. Exercise regularly – maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.
  2. Use good posture.  Don’t slouch or sit unsupported.  Use proper back supports such as a lumbar roll or lumbar chair support.
  3. Control your weight.  Excessive weight places increased strain on the spine and the surrounding muscles to maintain the proper position and alignment.
  4. Don’t smoke.  If you do, stop!  Smoking decreases blood supply to the spine and promotes degeneration of the intervertebral disc (the shock absorber between each level of the spine).
  5. Lift with proper body mechanics.  Lift using your legs, keeping the lift close to your body.  Tighten you stomach muscles, and don’t twist. 

 If, despite your best efforts, back pain should develop, please, pursue further follow-up with your primary care physician. For more information, you may contact Colquitt Regional Rehabilitation Services at 229-890-3553.