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  • FDA approved gastric balloon procedure
  • Non-surgical
  • Safe and effective
  • Reversible

This system may be right for someone who needs to lose weight to better comply with prescribed diets or to jump-start massive weight loss for severely obese people. This procedure is also used to help patients achieve a safer weight before undergoing surgery. It can also be used by people who want to lose weight before an upcoming, once-in-a-lifetime event, such as a wedding or high school reunion.


  • Dual weight loss balloon system with comprehensive coaching support to help you lose weight and keep it off.
  • The dual balloons take up more space and conform to your stomach shape.
  • The balloons are inserted into your stomach and filled with saline (salt water) and will remain in place for no more than six months.
  • The safe design eliminates balloon migration to the intestines in the unlikely event that it deflates before it is removed.
  • The procedure is non-surgical and most patients resume a full, unrestricted lifestyle within two weeks of balloon implant.
  • You feel fuller and have greater portion control, which could result in weight loss of up to 80 pounds in six months.
  • Coaching continues for six months after removal of the balloons, and most patients experience continued weight loss.


Reshape is a great weight-loss option if you:

  • Have a body mass index (BMI) between 30 and 40 with a co-morbidity.
  • Had no previous weight loss surgery.
  • Are willing to make changes to support a healthy lifestyle.
  • Are at least 18 years old.


  • This non-surgical procedure is performed while you are under a mild sedative. We gently insert the weight loss balloons through your mouth (endoscopically), with no incisions or scars.
  • The balloons are then gently filled with saline until they are the appropriate size for your stomach.
  • The procedure takes about 20 minutes and you return home the same day.
  • After six months, the balloon is deflated and removed through another non-surgical procedure under a mild sedative.


  • On average, patients lose 2 times the weight loss compared to diet and exercise alone.
  • Weight loss continues after removal, due to your adjusted eating and activity habits.
  • Long term impact will depend on your continued lifestyle choices.

Our Bariatric Physicians, Dr. Justin Baker, Dr. Howard Melton, and Dr. Amber Holt, are experts in ReShape™ system. They and their team will provide the support and coaching you need to achieve success. Call us today and let us tell you more about how the ReShape™ balloons are a safe and healthy weight loss option.