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Birth & Beyond Breastfeeding Support

Lactation Services can help you get ready for your baby. It's never too soon to decide upon the infant nutrition program that will best suit you and your baby. Our Certified Lactation Consultant and nurses will assist mother, baby and family through teaching, support and encouragment.

In fact, the earlier you make the decision to breast-feed, the sooner we can help you get ready - even months before the baby arrives! We'll provide you with early education so potential problems can be avoided. Early education is provided through child-birth classes.

During your hospital stay at Colquitt Regional Medical Center Lactation Services include:

  • Personal one-on-one education sessions.
  • Breastfeeding basic instructions and follow-up sessions for support, encouragement and further education as needs arise.
  • In hospital counseling
  • In hospital (post-partum) follow-up.
  • Breastfeeding aids and supplies as needed.
  • Community Education Programs offered, including Support Groups and phone numbers for patients to call as needed for support after discharge.

Call our "warm line" anytime day or night for breastfeeding support at 229-890-3545.

For more information on Support Group dates and times please contact Anita Johnston, IBC-LC at 229-891-9551 or email at