Vereen Rehabilitation Center
3100 S Veterans Pkwy

Moultrie, GA 31788

Jessica S. Edwards, PTA, is a 2005 graduate of the University of Georgia, who received her licensure as a Physical Therapist Assistant in 2008 from Darton College in Albany, GA. She joined the physical therapy department at Colquitt Regional Medical Center in June 2013 after five years at a local outpatient clinic.

Raised in Moultrie, Jessica is a 2001 graduate of Colquitt County High School and a member of Trinity Baptist Church, where she is active in the children’s ministry. Her husband Allen is the 6-12 Gifted Director for Colquitt County Schools. They have three boys, Jackson, Eli, and Cooper.

The things Jessica most enjoys about her job is developing relationships with her patients and helping them achieve a better quality of life.

Jessica Edwards is a certified Physical Therapy Assistant at the Vereen Center, where she works with Physical Therapists on examining patients’ progress, developing treatment plans to ensure their recovery, and teaching them how to properly use therapeutic techniques.

She grew up in Moultrie, Georgia, and went to Colquitt County High School. She graduated from the University of Georgia in 2005. She didn’t go into Physical Therapy right away; it wasn’t until three years later when she received her license from Darton College.

Edwards worked her first PTA job at the private Colquitt Outpatient Clinic so she could improve her skill set. She held that position for five years until she accepted a job offer at Colquitt Regional Medical Center in June 2013. Two years later, she received an offer through a colleague that led her to the Vereen Center.

“I had worked with Dr. Marcus Wells back at the private Colquitt clinic, and he heard about the Vereen Center and was going to work there,” Edwards said. “He let me know about it, and I decided to join him. So, that’s where I am now.”

Edward said she immediately fell in love with working with Vereen because of the friendly work environment. It reflected her attitude about her job.

“The best part of being a PTA is our relationship with our patients,” she said. “It’s seeing their bodies and just their lives in general improve. You see the same people every single day since Colquitt’s not that big, and knowing you’re helping them improve their situation is wonderful. There’s no greater feeling than that.”

As far as her career goes, Edwards plans on staying with Vereen for the long haul.

When she’s not at the office, Edwards enjoys chasing after her little boys Cooper, Eli, and Jackson. Her husband, Allen, is the Gifted Director for the Colquitt County School System. They are also very active in their local church, Trinity Baptist.