Vereen Rehabilitation Center
3100 S Veterans Pkwy

Moultrie, GA 31788

Michele Masterson, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, has been a Speech & Language Pathologist at Colquitt Regional Medical Center in Moultrie, GA since May of 2004.

She graduated in 1998 from Valdosta State University with a master’s degree in Communication & Science Disorders. She began her career at Palmyra Medical Center serving as lead therapist prior to returning to her hometown of Tifton, GA to work at a private outpatient facility.

Serving pediatric and adult populations in the areas of speech, language, and swallowing disorders. Michele’s primary interest are in adult neurological and swallowing disorders and is certified in Vital Stim therapy, Deep Pharyngeal Nerve Stimulation, and Flexible Endoscopic Swallow Study (FEES) for swallowing disorders.  She also has experience with head and neck cancer involving Tracheoesophageal punctures for voice prosthesis assessment and placement as well as placement and interpretation of pH Study for Silent Airway Reflux.

Michele is licensed by the professional licensure board for the state of Georgia and hold national certification for clinical competency with the American Speech–Language-Hearing Association.