Vereen Rehabilitation Center
3100 S Veterans Pkwy

Moultrie, GA 31788

Staci G. DeRosso, PTA, ATRIC, is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and Certified Aquatics Therapist at the Vereen Rehabilitation Center at Colquitt Regional Medical Center. A 1997 graduate of Southwest Georgia Technical College in Thomasville, GA, Staci has been a staff therapist at Colquitt Regional since 2004.

Staci is a native of Moultrie and is involved in many community activities. She is a member of First Baptist Church, where she is active in the choir, and is a member of the Moultrie Service League. She is married to Tony DeRosso, a local CPA, and has two boys, Brady and Bowen.

Staci has 17 years of experience in physical therapy, including the areas of outpatient, acute therapy, wound care, home health, and aquatics (pool therapy).

Staci DeRosso is a Physical Therapist Assistant working for the Vereen Center at Colquitt Regional Medical Center, and she has worked there since 2004. DeRosso was born and raised in Colquitt but graduated from Thomas Technical College in Thomasville.

In her free time, DeRosso enjoys singing, lifting weights at the gym, and watching her boys play baseball. Weightlifting is her passion and contributes to her love of what she does at Vereen. DeRosso’s interest in Physical Therapy began when she was in high school.

“My husband was a professional baseball player, so that kind of had a lot to do with my interest in therapy,” DeRosso said. “It’s just always been something that I have been interested in.”

DeRosso has worked in both outpatient and inpatient settings. She is also one of the only two certified Aquatic Therapists at the Vereen Center.

“Aquatic Therapy is great for people who have chronic pain, arthritis, any kind of debilitating injury that causes them to not be able to bear full weight on a joint or an extremity,” DeRosso said. “The pool is great for lots of situations. We see a lot of total joints, total knees, total hips, and we have great success with those. One of my favorite things to do is work with total knees.”

DeRosso loves seeing the outcomes of her work and seeing all of her patients get back on their feet.

“What keeps me driven as a therapist is seeing the progress the people make, seeing them get back to their daily life, seeing a smile on their face when they leave, knowing that they have accomplished something that day,” she said.

DeRosso tries to get to know her patients and learn what they like and what they like to do. She makes sure that they talk during their sessions, and she tries to make sure they laugh.

“It is very important to earn trust and build a relationship with your patient because they need to trust you if you’re going to be putting them in situations where they are going to be in pain,” she said. “They’re going to have to know that it’s for a good outcome.”

DeRosso believes the Vereen Center is special due to the way the staff cares for the patients and for each other. She enjoys every minute with her extended family.