Resident Spotlight: Dr. Chuck Haddad

Sitting behind a desk every day never appealed to Dr. Chuck Haddad when seeking his future career path. He knew that the medical field would allow him to constantly engage with people, while hopefully making a positive difference in their lives, which is what ultimately drove his decision to attend medical school.

“I get to experience something different every single day,” said Haddad. “I enjoy building connections with patients and getting to know people, so medicine was perfect for me.”

A native of Jacksonville, Florida, Haddad attended Florida State University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree. He then went on to obtain his medical degree at St. George’s University School of Medicine.

Towards the end of medical school, Haddad had many important elements to consider when choosing a residency. Georgia South Family Medicine Residency Program, located only 165 miles from his hometown, not only checked the box of proximity, but Moultrie was another big selling point.

“I chose Georgia South because it is close to home and I wanted to experience a community like Moultrie,” said Haddad. “My experience at Georgia South has been wonderful so far. Everyone has been very nice and accommodating, and is always looking to help in any way needed.”

As Haddad considered residency programs, he also had to think about the healthcare system where he would be practicing and the physicians that would be training him as he rotates through specialties. In addition to Georgia South, after touring Colquitt Regional Medical Center, it was clear that the hospital was also the right fit for him.

“The physicians and residents made me feel like I was right at home from the very beginning,” said Haddad. “I am very excited because I know that the physicians I am working with will prepare me for anything. The freedom and focus I get here is unlike any other program.”

After completing his residency, Haddad’s long-term goal is to become an outpatient physician who will continue providing the same exceptional care he is currently learning at Georgia South.

Although he is only in his first year, Haddad has formed lasting relationships with his colleagues. Georgia South places an emphasis on overall wellness for its residents and holds various activities throughout the year to promote camaraderie and a healthy work-life balance. Haddad recalled his first memorable experience at the team building exercise at the YMCA ropes course, which is always a great ice breaker for new residents.

When not in the clinic, Haddad enjoys playing sports and participating in tae-kwon-do, a sport in which he currently holds a black belt.