Resident Spotlight: Ethan McBrayer

“Growing up in a rural, medically underserved region of Georgia, the influence of my parents, who both have servant’s hearts, and my desire to serve others shaped my passion for a career in medicine,” said McBrayer.

Prior to his residency, McBrayer attended the University of Georgia where he received his bachelor of science degree in entomology. He then completed his medical degree at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Suwanee, Georgia.

McBrayer was introduced to Colquitt Regional and Georgia South Family Medicine Residency Program when he was selected to complete his clinical clerkships in Moultrie during his third year of medical school. When it came time to choose where he would complete his residency, he took the advice of others that had gone through the process before him.

“I was told along the interview trail to find a program with your people, where you felt comfortable, and where you fit,” said McBrayer. “From my third-year medical school rotations I realized quickly that Georgia South was the program in which I truly felt at home. It was also desirable that Georgia South is located near family and friends. I recognized that it would help me fulfill my goal of being a competent primary care doctor serving rural Southwest Georgia.”

Although McBrayer just began his second year of residency, he says that Georgia South has already given him great experiences and can see how it is shaping his future.

“My time at Georgia South has grown my desire to pursue family medicine,” said McBrayer. “The preceptors I rotated with during my medical training clerkships have become mentors. I felt comfortable asking them questions about the field and found they were eager to teach and invest in me. I expressed an interest in learning more about procedures and the program helped make it possible for me.”

While at Georgia South, his experience has helped him develop a sense of what he is especially interested in: outpatient procedures such as joint injections, skin excisions, and osteopathic manipulative medicine. He also said that he is considering pursing fellowships in either hospital medicine or emergency medicine.

He has also enjoyed the close bond his class of residents share.

“My favorite memory is last year’s program-wide get together with the intern class,” said McBrayer. “There was a comradery that was felt among everyone. I value this memory because it shows that I, as an incoming intern, have a support system.”

When not practicing medicine, McBrayer likes to travel, hike, kayak, camp, and spend time with family and friends.