The Patient Journey

Phase One: Getting Started

Meet with our Intake Coordinator
This is the first step in your weight loss journey. You will schedule a free 30-minute consultation to meet with our Intake Coordinator to outline your personalized program. During this consultation, our we will outline everything for you and cover setting goals, expectations, needs, and limitations.

Phase Two: Road To Your Weight Loss Procedure

Nutrition, Psychological Evaluation and Physician Supervised Weight Loss
Once you have had your initial consultation, you will then begin to learn about all the components and steps that make up the weight loss journey. You will meet with our highly-qualified team members to focus on nutrition, undergo a psychological evaluation with our social worker and begin readying your body for your procedure.

Phase Three: Preparing For Surgery

Preoperative Visit
Your preop visit will include meeting with your physician and discussing the surgical process. There will also be a time for reviewing insurance requirements for package submission, informed consent, final dietary preparations for your surgery and an opportunity for any questions you may have.

Phase Four: The Day Of Your Surgery

Your Weight Loss Procedure
Depending on the procedure you are having, your surgery day will look a little different. One of our bariatric surgeons, Dr. Howard Melton, underwent the sleeve gastrectomy himself. Check out his experience here on the day of his surgery.

Phase Five: A Brand New You

Now that you have had your procedure, you will return to see the Sterling Center Bariatrics team at your follow-up appointment 7-10 days after your surgery. This meeting will be followed by a year of follow-up appointments to help keep you on track for success. You will also gain access to our support group on Facebook, the Weight Warriors.


Thank you for your interest in Sterling Center Bariatrics! We look forward to helping you start your weight-loss journey. The next step is to scheduled your confidential 30-minute session with our Intake Coordinator.