Workers Compensation

The Vereen Center can help patients get back on their feet after a work injury.

All workers’ compensation clients/patients must follow these guidelines:

  • Patients must demonstrate compliance with medical recommendations and routine follow-up visits as requested.

If you are a prospective patient, continue to the Patient Information section below. If you are a Workers’ Compensation Payer, an Employer or an Attorney, continue to the WC/Employers/Attorneys Information section below.

WC/Employers/Attorneys Information

Patients cannot refer themselves for services at the Vereen Center. ALL patients must be referred by one of the following:

  • Current treating physician (prior approval to seek services at the Vereen Center is required from either your employer or case manager)
  • Workers’ compensation case manager
  • Workers’ compensation attorney (prior approval also required to seek services at The Vereen Center from employer or case manager)
  • The patient’s employer

It is the responsibility of the patient to notify the Vereen Center of the following prior to the appointment or when they arrive:

  • Date of Injury
  • Claim Number
  • Insurance Company Billing Address for Workers Compensation case AND phone number of Workers Compensation carrier
  • Phone Number of Case Manager (direct contact line and extension, if applicable)
  • Employer Contact Information (example: Human Resources Representative)
  • City & State of Accident (This determines the Workers Compensation jurisdiction)

We understand that you have filed a claim for workers’ compensation insurance coverage for your injury and treatment. If your claim is denied or if it is in dispute, we will bill your regular medical insurance carrier. If your claim is ultimately resolved against you, you will then be required to pay to this clinic any deductible or co-payment amounts not covered by your medical insurance. If you do not have regular medical insurance, you will be required to pay the full amount of the costs of your treatment after your claim is resolved against you.

If a patient wants to be referred to our practice, they will need to notify their current treating physician who is providing care for their work injury OR if they are represented by an attorney, they can make their request for treatment through their legal representation. Some patients may not have an attorney and may be corresponding with their workers’ compensation adjuster and/or case manager directly. If this is the case, the patient will need to make their wishes known to the adjuster or case manager.

Once our offices have been notified of the patient’s referral, the clinic will contact the referring party to obtain necessary records and information. Records are a priority and required for the clinic physicians review and acceptance to the Vereen Center. Upon acceptance to the clinic, our staff will notify workers’ compensation, and the patient will be scheduled for services as agreed upon.

WC/Employers/Attorneys Information

Criteria for referring a workers’ compensation patient:

  • Prior approval from either the patient’s employer or case manager is needed to request a referral to the Vereen Center