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Oncology Building

At Edwards Cancer Center, cancer patients enjoy the comfort and convenience of staying close to home without giving up access to the most advanced technology and cancer therapy techniques available. Our physicians are board certified and hematology/oncology trained, and nursing and support staff concentrate on more than clinical aspects of cancer treatment. They also work hard to provide an atmosphere of love, support, and respect to help patients and their families focus their energies on fighting the disease.

Meet the Providers

Roxana Aguirre

Wenhui "William" Zhu

M.D., PhD

Kerri Holloway-Cox

Kerri Holloway-Cox


Services offered by Colquitt Regional Oncology include:

  • Hematology Services for Blood-Related Disorders
  • Oncology Services Include:
    • Chemotherapy
    • Solid Tumor Treatment:
      • Breast
      • Colon
      • Lung
      • Ovarian
      • Prostate
      • Testicular
      • Pancreatic
      • Head/Neck
    • Hematological Malignancies Treatment:
      • Hodgkin’s Disease
      • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
      • Multiple Myeloma
      • Chronic and Acute Leukemia

Leslie Peretti

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