TORe – Transoral Outlet Reduction

What is TORe?

Transoral gastric outlet reduction is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed to help patients who regain weight after gastric bypass surgery. The effectiveness of gastric bypass can diminish over time due to “stretching” of the gastric outlet (the connection between your stomach and small bowel), causing you to feel less full and be able to eat more, which may contribute to weight regain. During this procedure, your surgeon will insert stitches into your gastric outlet through an endoscope to make it narrower. After this procedure, patients will experience improved satiety.

How does it work?

TORe works by reducing the size of the gastric outlet. By reducing the size of the gastric outlet, patients are able to feel full earlier in their meal and are able to eat less, which can result in weight loss.

What happens during the procedure?

An endoscope is inserted into your stomach. A tiny camera allows your surgeon to operate inside of your stomach without making incisions in your abdomen. Stitches are placed to reduce the size of the gastric outlet to its original size after gastric bypass surgery.