Workers Comp & Disability

Our goal at the Sterling Center is to take care of our patients. We understand that injuries which occur at work can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming. Not only do they interfere with a patient’s ability to earn a living, but they also distract resources away from their employer’s core business. That is why we strive to provide definitive orthopedic and rehabilitation care, as promptly as possible, and to “close the loop” with clear communication back to all involved parties.

Worker Injury Management

A worker injured on the job can be difficult on many levels. The Sterling Center approach involves not only to provide the right orthopedic and recovery care but also to minimize the amount of time that an employee is out of work. Communication between our office, the patient, and the referring company is paramount, and we recognize it as a critical component of the care process.
We focus on injuries to the musculoskeletal system and are allied with outstanding physical therapy, occupational therapy and other specialty providers for continuity of care.

Independent Medical Evaluations (IMES)*

Orthopedic IMEs are very detailed evaluations of a patient’s musculoskeletal system and physical function. They are typically ordered by an insurance company, a corporation/employer, or legal counsel. When referring for an IME, please make sure the client has been either sent with all requisite paperwork or that our office has obtained it before hand. This will allow the Sterling Center to provide the most prompt and accurate reporting.

IMEs are usually scheduled at the end of the standard clinic day to allow full time and attention to be devoted to the client’s exam and can take 45-90 minutes to complete.
IMEs are not routinely conducted at the request of an individual patient. Should an individual patient require this level of evaluation, payment in full must be made before the obtaining exam and written synopsis of findings. Typical commercial or government insurance plans will not pay for individually-initiated IMEs.

Expert Witness++

Our physician is available for chart review, expert witness testimony, or case consultation. Please contact our Sterling Center office for details at 229-785-2400.

Disability Evaluation*

Our physician is available to perform patient evaluations or review cases involving terminal disability or Social Security Administration claims. When referring for a Medical Disability Evaluation, please make sure the client has been either sent with all requisite paperwork or that our office has obtained it before hand. This will allow the Sterling Center to provide the most prompt and accurate reporting.

We are unable to provide disability evaluations at the independent request of individual patients.

* Some insurers or payers explicitly state that they will not compensate provider’s offices for completion of evaluation forms or similar actionable documentation. When completion of these documents is not part of routine orthopedic care, we are compelled to collect a document fee of $10 per page to adequately compensate our skilled office staff for their work and the liability we incur in rendering opinions.

++In cases of potential medical malpractice, Dr. Toman prefers to work for the defense. He will consult for prosecution only in cases involving a breach of duty or to help patients harmed by dangerous care environments.