Sterling Physician Group recognizes that children are not miniature adults, but have unique wellness and care needs. Our pediatricians are specifically trained to serve these precious patients in a treatment environment designed to minimize their anxiety. Parents also receive the support and information they need to care for their children.

Health and Wellness

Regular wellness checkups are critical to give your child a healthy start in life. Our pediatricians serve infants, children and adolescence, following your child’s health and growth progress throughout their young lives. Wellness care assures that your child is meeting appropriate milestones and is up-to-date with inoculations. These scheduled appointments also give the pediatrician an opportunity to identify early symptoms of potential illnesses, allowing for early treatment to alleviate or minimize its impact on your child’s life.


Strep throat, pink eye, and the flu are just a few of the many illnesses children are exposed to in school, play groups, and other activities. When these illness strike our pediatricians know exactly what to do. Their expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood illnesses and diseases means that your child will feel better quickly.


Minor childhood injuries, from sprained ankles to bruised legs, should not be left to heal on their own. Our pediatricians will provide the care your child needs as well as instructions for home care and recommendations to avoid re-injury.