Sterling Group Podiatry

We help you put your best foot forward. Sterling Physician Group provides the highest quality podiatry services in the region. Podiatry care focuses on the feet, which takes the brunt of the body’s weight every day. Our feet are a critical component of mobility, independence and activities of daily living. Our board certified podiatrists utilize the latest techniques to address a wide range of injuries and issues related to the feet to help keep you on your toes.

Diagnostic Examinations

Foot pain is never normal. If you are experiencing any type of foot and ankle issue, including swelling, pain, soreness and more, schedule a diagnostic examination. Our podiatrists will identify the cause of the issues and develop a treatment plant for their resolution or management.

Pain Management

For podiatry diagnosis, such as bunions and arthritis, the best course of treatment is paint management. Our doctors and staff will work with you to stop the progression of the issue causing the pain and provide the highest quality pain management services so you can live your life with minimal discomfort.

Podiatric Surgery

In some situations pain management and non-invasive treatments are not enough to address severe bunions and other conditions such as hammer toes, bone fractures and deformities. Our podiatrists use state-of-the-art techniques in surgeries to assure the best possible outcomes.

Diabetic Foot Exam and Treatment

Diabetes is a chronic disease that is especially harmful to your feet due to damage of the nervous system. Our podiatrists have extensive experience in addressing diabetes-related foot issues and will conduct a thorough exam in order to establish an appropriate treatment plan.

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