Meet Our Residents

Hyder Naqvi, DO

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Georgia

Post Graduate Year (PGY) 3

Family Medicine Resident 

Dr. Hyder Naqvi has always been passionate about healthcare and medicine. He has known since elementary school that he was destined to become a physician.

Originally from McDonough, Georgia, Naqvi attended Georgia State University where he received his undergraduate degree in biology. He then went on to attend the Georgia campus of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Suwanee.

As his time at PCOM drew to an end, Naqvi had to determine the crucial next step in becoming a physician – where he would attend his residency.

While researching different programs, he consistently heard great things about Georgia South from other students who previously rotated there.

“Many PCOM students who completed clinical rotations in Moultrie told me they had excellent experiences working with Georgia South and that the faculty and residents are wonderful,” said Naqvi.

During the residency application process, it was important to Naqvi to find a hospital where he felt welcome and could see himself growing, and that is exactly what he found at Colquitt Regional.

“I was interested in a hospital with a friendly atmosphere and where I could feel like family,” said Naqvi. “Colquitt Regional has provided just that.”

After graduating with his medical degree, Naqvi started his first year of residency in June of 2020. Despite starting in the middle of a global pandemic, Naqvi only has great things to say about his time at Georgia South thus far.

“My experience has been excellent,” said Naqvi. “I really enjoy working with the faculty and other residents in the program, who have helped ease the learning curve coming from medical school into the clinical setting. They do a great job of planning things out so we don’t get overwhelmed.”

Naqvi also spoke of how he knows that Georgia South was the right choice for him because of the investment that the program has made in his future success.

“Georgia South is preparing me well for my future career,” said Naqvi. “They are great at facilitating learning opportunities for any sort of questions I have, especially when discussing patient cases with them. In addition, the accessibility to the faculty and staff when needing to ask them for any kind of help has been excellent.”

When asked what his favorite memory has been during his first year, Naqvi recalled a time that has been a favorite among many residents.

“The team building activity at the YMCA ropes course during orientation week has been my favorite memory to date,” said Naqvi. “It gave me the opportunity to connect with the staff and residents outside the workplace and get to know them better, on a more personal level.”

Outside of practicing medicine, Naqvi enjoys working out at the gym, watching old action movies, and finding restaurants with excellent cuisine.

Rickey Patel, MD

American University of Antigua College of Medicine

Post Graduate Year (PGY) 3

Family Medicine Resident

William Seemer, DO

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Georgia

Post Graduate Year (PGY) 3

Family Medicine Resident

Catherine Cravey, MD

Trinity School of Medicine, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Post Graduate Year (PGY) 2

Family Medicine Resident

Catherine Cravey, MD, grew up just down the road in rural Hawkinsville, Georgia. Having both her parents working in the medical field, Cravey knew from a young age that practicing medicine was her passion.

“I am the daughter of pharmacists and I have always had a love for medicine,” said Cravey. “I was working in the pharmacy alongside both my mother and father at an early age. They instilled in me values, morals, and a love for serving others.”

As she grew older, she set out on a path that would eventually lead her close to where her journey began.

Cravey attended Emory University’s Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing in Atlanta, Georgia, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and certification in wound, ostomy, and continence nursing. She then attended medical school at Trinity School of Medicine in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

When it was time to choose a residency program, rural family medicine was at the top of Cravey’s checklist and Georgia South Family Medicine Residency Program had everything she was looking for. Even early on in the selection process, Cravey felt that it was the program she was meant to be in.

“I knew immediately during my interview that Georgia South was the place for me,” said Cravey. “Everyone was so welcoming and it felt most like home to me. The hospital staff and administration are so invested in the success of the residency program. I really appreciate the progressive mindset given that the hospital is in a rural location. It is extremely important to me to help bring quality healthcare to the underserved communities of Middle and South Georgia, and this is exactly what I see Colquitt Regional accomplishing.”

In addition to serving a rural population, Georgia South also offered her the opportunity to deliver family medicine care, which offers a large scope of practice opportunities. Her hometown and upbringing are two of the biggest reasons she chose that specialty.

“Growing up in a rural community and as the daughter of the local pharmacy owners, I was afforded the opportunity to get to know the family medicine doctors in my hometown from early on,” said Cravey. “I was so inspired and fortunate to develop mentorships with some of the best full-spectrum, rural family medicine doctors. Also, I have a passion for chronic disease management given my love for wound care. In my opinion, these go hand in hand.”

When asked about her experience at Georgia South thus far, Cravey has nothing but excellent remarks and feedback. She is also very confident that Georgia South is setting her up for success both now and later in her career.

“My time at Georgia South, so far, has exceeded my expectations,” said Cravey. “It is evident everyone is fully invested in my success, both professionally and personally. The faculty, staff and residents love to teach and work well as a team. As an incoming resident I am given enough autonomy, but I also feel completely supported by my preceptors and attending physicians.”

Cravey says that her long term goals include practicing family medicine in the primary care setting as well as incorporating wound care and hyperbaric medicine into her practice, specifically in South Georgia.

When not practicing medicine, you may find Cravey traveling, scuba diving, cooking, or baking.

Nathan Greene, MD

St. George’s University School of Medicine, Grenada

Post Graduate Year (PGY) 2

Family Medicine Resident

When Dr. Nathan Greene arrived in Moultrie last June, he was used to smaller-town, rural living. Greene grew up just down the road in Americus, so Moultrie wasn’t too far off his radar.

Greene first developed an interest in healthcare when he was an athlete and began learning about nutrition.

“Before deciding to go to medical school, I was a teacher for a few years,” said Greene. “I eventually decided I wanted to combine my love of teaching and health, and ultimately made the decision to become a doctor.”

Before moving to Moultrie, Greene attended Brewton-Parker College, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in biology. He then went on to complete his graduate studies at Mercer University School of Medicine where he earned a Master of Science degree in preclinical sciences.

Greene then attended St. George’s University School of Medicine in Grenada where he received his medical degree.

When it became time to look at the different residency programs offered, Greene had in mind the type of program he wanted to attend, but little did he know that he would end up just 70 miles from his hometown.

“My wife and I are both from South Georgia, so we knew that we wanted to move back if we could find a residency program that was a fit for us,” said Greene. “Fortunately, that is what we found in Moultrie.”

Georgia South Family Medicine Residency Program seemed to check all the boxes, but it wasn’t confirmed until he was able to visit and see first-hand the exceptional program that has been built at Colquitt Regional.

“I was able to do a rotation with Georgia South as a student and that’s when I knew that is where I wanted to be,” said Greene. “I was attracted to the passion for teaching that the faculty holds and the mild-mannered and welcoming personalities of the residents.”

When asked how his experience has been at Georgia South and Colquitt Regional, Greene had nothing but praise for the program.

“I have had a great experience so far,” said Greene. “The faculty at Georgia South gives us the freedom to critically think and come up with plans for our patients, but are always there when we need help or guidance. In addition, the administration at Colquitt Regional really invests in the residency program and our training is very important to them. The facilities are great and everyone is very welcoming.”

Greene also mentioned that Georgia South is playing an integral role in getting him to his long-term goal of practicing and serving rural South Georgia as a family medicine physician. In particular, one of his favorite aspects of family medicine is getting to see patients from day one of life up to geriatrics.

During his first year of residency, Greene recalled one of his favorite memories being the welcome ceremony, where community members gather to greet all incoming residents and celebrate that they will be in Moultrie for the next three years. When not practicing medicine, you may find Greene working out, golfing, or watching sports.

Leo Larios, DO

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, United States of America 

Post Graduate Year (PGY) 2

Family Medicine Resident

For Dr. Leo Larios, practicing medicine wasn’t a decision he remembers making during any point of his life– it is a career that he always felt led to carry out.

“It may sound cliché, but I believe it was a calling for me,” said Larios. “I know I have always wanted to become a physician and help others, but I can’t recall a specific moment that prompted me to pursue a career in this field. I can only remember always wanting to practice medicine.”

It was this calling that guided his journey to becoming a physician.

Larios attended the University of Texas at Austin where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology. He then went on to Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine where he received his medical degree.

As soon as it became time to decide on a residency program, Larios had one long-term goal in mind: to practice family medicine in a rural community. When Georgia South Family Medicine Program crossed his radar, he knew it would be a great place to carry out his residency.

“As I was narrowing my search, I only applied to unopposed programs that were located in a rural area,” said Larios. “I know several residents that spoke highly of this program, and when I rotated here I was convinced this was an excellent place to train.”

Georgia South was also an attractive option because it would allow him to practice family medicine, which is the specialty he most enjoys.

“Family medicine allows for a wide variety of procedures, practice settings, and the ability to impact patients’ health the most, since we are usually the trusted first point of contact,” said Larios.

Larios said he has had nothing but exceptional experiences at Georgia South since he started his first year of residency in July 2021.

“My time here has been really great so far,” said Larios. “The camaraderie and ‘family feel’ are really palpable in the clinic and with the other residents. Everyone here is rooting for your success. I believe I am receiving excellent training and the opportunity to tailor my training to my own interests.”

Not only has his medical experience been great, but he also spoke highly of Moultrie and Colquitt County.

“I remember several residents telling me how much they liked training here,” said Larios. “Then, I had the opportunity to complete an audition rotation here in Moultrie and I absolutely loved it.”

One of his favorite memories thus far has been his orientation, training, and treating his first patient.

When not practicing medicine, you may find Larios spending time with his family, cooking, or playing soccer.

Daniel Santiago, MD

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, Saint Maarten

Post Graduate Year (PGY) 2

Family Medicine Resident

When children are asked what they want to be when they grow up, many claim they want to be doctors. Daniel Santiago, M.D., is one of those children who made that a reality.

“I knew from a young age that I wanted to become a doctor,” said Santiago. “I knew that a career where I could help other people and care for them throughout their life would be very rewarding.”

Santiago, an Ocoee, Florida native, attended the University of South Florida, where he received both his Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology and Master of Science in medical sciences degree. He then went on to attend medical school at the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine in Saint Maarten.

As all residents near the end of their medical education, they must start the process of determining where they will complete their residencies. Georgia South Family Medicine Residency Program quickly became his top choice after visiting Moultrie and Colquitt Regional.

“I had an interview during the week of Christmas, and Dr. Smith extended an invitation to tour the hospital,” said Santiago. “I gladly accepted, and the rest is history.”

Santiago recalled why he felt that Georgia South was the place for him and some of the factors that set the program apart from the other contenders.

“The biggest reason that I chose Georgia South was because of the hospitality and kindness that I received during my tour,” said Santiago. “I felt like they rolled out the red carpet for me, and that is when I knew that this was the place for me to receive my training.”

Not only did he speak of the warmth of the administration and staff, but he also believes he will receive high-caliber training and education.

“This program is hands-on and totally immerses you into the practice of family medicine,” said Santiago. “I know that by the end of my training, I will have gained experience across the full spectrum of medicine, ranging from dermatology and OB/GYN to orthopedics and general surgery.”

Santiago was especially moved by the Moultrie community and the welcoming atmosphere they have provided to him and the other first-year residents.

“My favorite memory thus far has been the welcome ceremony that was held at the Arts Center,” said Santiago. “It seemed like the entire town came out to welcome us to the community and was a very humbling experience.”

In the future, Santiago would like to continue working in a medically underserved or underrepresented area and potentially open up his own clinic.

When not practicing medicine, Santiago enjoys spending time with his family and tasting cuisine from other cultures. He also likes to keep up with the latest in technology and innovations.

Monica Drummond, DO

Campbell University Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic Medicine

Post Graduate Year (PGY) 1

Family Medicine Resident

A native of Southwest Florida, Dr. Monica Drummond attended the University of South Florida where she received a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree in psychology. She then went on to attend Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, where she received her Master of Health Science degree in biomedical science, along with a certificate in health promotion.

From there, she earned her medical degree at Campbell University Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic Medicine.

Towards the end of medical school, like all other medical students nearing graduation, she was faced with a major decision – choosing a residency program. It is no coincidence that of the 745 family medicine programs offered in the United States she landed at Georgia South Family Medicine Residency Program. After all, she had a specific vision in mind for the type of residency program she wanted to attend, and Georgia South checked all the boxes.

“I was in search of a residency program that emphasized rural medicine and provided health care for migrant farm workers,” said Drummond. “Georgia South is one of those programs. Our virtual residency meet and greets along with the interview process really confirmed Georgia South being a place I would like to continue my medical educational journey.”

With Colquitt County being the leading county for agriculture in the state of Georgia, it is no surprise that she felt right at home once she began interviewing and learned more about the family medicine program at Georgia South.

“When going through interviews, everyone spoke about the genuine support and care from faculty, administration, and other residents,” said Drummond. “They talked about the small town charm, friendliness of the community, and how the people here in town are really invested in their community. Then, I found out that I would have the opportunity to serve at the rural clinic and work directly with the migrant farm worker population. That really sealed the deal for me.”

Coupled with being able to help a rural population, Drummond also looks forward to the wide-ranging patient base she will get to treat in Moultrie as a family medicine resident.

“Family medicine is a specialty where a physician is able to care for families spanning multiple generations,” said Drummond. “I love that idea. I am especially passionate about pediatrics and geriatrics, and by practicing family medicine, I get to work with both.”

When asked how she feels about her experience thus far, Drummond spoke with confidence that Georgia South was the right choice and that she feels the program is going to set her up for success in the future.

“The faculty and staff have spent the last few weeks explaining to the first-year residents how we can be successful in the program and afterwards,” said Drummond. “They have laid out all the expectations, goals, checkpoints, mentors, and plans to make sure we are achieving the necessary skills to be competent physicians and advocates for our patients.”

When not practicing medicine, Drummond likes crafting, remodeling projects, yard work, gardening, and spending time with her husband and son. 

Charles Haddad, MD

St. George’s University School of Medicine

Post Graduate Year (PGY) 1

Family Medicine Resident

Montavious McKenzie, MD

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine

Post Graduate Year (PGY) 1

Family Medicine Resident

Bayan Suleiman, MD

Trinity School of Medicine

Post Graduate Year (PGY) 1

Family Medicine Resident

Anthony Cimmino, MD

Trinity School of Medicine

Post Graduate Year (PGY) 1

Psychiatry Resident

Xuan Ouyang, DO

Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine

Post Graduate Year (PGY) 1

Psychiatry Resident

Richard Tricardo, MD

St. George’s University School of Medicine

Post Graduate Year (PGY) 1

Psychiatry Resident