Diversity & Inclusion

Georgia South strives to create an educational experience that exemplifies belonging, equity, and inclusion for all.

Georgia South is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment for our residents, no matter one’s race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, country of origin, gender, religion, or physical ability. Because it is important to us to cultivate a residency program that reflects the demographics of the community we serve, we are intentional about eliminating implicit bias in our recruitment process and in the way we care for patients. The year 2020 highlighted many challenges facing the medical community and the nation as a whole. This was a pivotal time for our program and caused us to self-reflect on tangible ways to address these challenges. In doing so, we have implemented a longitudinal Health Ethics and Anti-racism curriculum into our residents’ didactics sessions. 

Georgia South is committed to building a diverse faculty, workforce, trainee and student community that fosters an inclusive environment that integrates a broad range of perspectives.

Each of Georgia South’s training programs strongly encourages applications from minority candidates who are underrepresented based on the particular program in question. We define the following groups as underrepresented for all Family Medicine and Psychiatry: Black (African/African American), Latino/Hispanic (Mexican American, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Central American, South American), Native American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander and LGBTQ. Men are defined as underrepresented for Family Medicine.