The Vereen Center utilizes the most state-of-the-art equipment available on the market to help our patients and athletes get Back in the Game.  Our gym features equipment lines from SCIFIT, SportsArt, and Paramount.

The SCIFIT equipment at the Vereen Center offers solutions to help our therapists and athletic trainers maintain and restore maximum movement and function for our patients. SCIFIT equipment provides opportunities for people of all ages to stay active, and gives athletes a competitive advantage. Using our equipment and programs can help improve strength, balance, flexibility and endurance to make it easier to perform the activities of daily living. These improvements can also help prevent slips, trips and falls, and may help speed recovery from injuries.

SportsArt treadmills are high-performance machines built with precision drive motors, powerful lift motors, and multiple workout options to meet a variety of therapy needs.  MyFlex Plus™ Cushioning provides proportional cushioning regardless of the patient’s weight, and the SafeStart™ Controller provides motor precision that allows us to move up to 500 pounds at only 0.1 mph.

Paramount fitness equipment boasts innovative product design and a strict adherence to high quality-control standards.  This helps us provide our patients with optimal ergonomic and biomechanical advantages in the rehab setting.

Whatever our patients’ needs may be, our gym is well-equipped and up to the task.