PROPRIO Reactive Balance System

Dynamic Stability is the ability to maintain one’s center of mass over the body’s support area during movement and changing sensory environments. In other words, whether we are walking across the yard or playing for the Packers, we’re using our dynamic stability. While most of us take these functions for granted, orthopedic and neurologic conditions can degrade dynamic stability, compromising our quality of life. And while athletes move and play better than most of us, even they can perform their sports at a higher level by improving their dynamic balance by training on randomly moving surfaces.

The PROPRIO® Reactive Balance System is the most advanced device in the region for the assessment, measurement, and training of neurologic, orthopedic, or vestibular issues affecting dynamic stability, posture, strength, and mobility. Additionally, it is a vital component of the concussion management protocol that clinicians at the Vereen Center utilize for baseline and post-injury testing in athletes in order to facilitate the safest return-to-play following a concussion.

What makes the PROPRIO Reactive Balance System better than other equipment is the unique way that it measures and trains. Using Dynamic Motion Analysis to measure the user’s center of mass and a computerized, programmable, multi-directional, multi-speed platform, the PROPRIO Reactive Balance Systems better assesses, rehabilitates, and trains balance and proprioception.

The PROPRIO Reactive Balance System uses its high tech platform to challenge balance and the reaction ability of key muscle groups. Using Dynamic Range of Motion (D-ROM) technology, the platform can generate random movement requiring the user to interact with their changing environment. Because the platform’s degree of tilt, direction of tilt, and speed of tilt is fully programmable, both patients in the early stage of rehabilitation and world class athletes benefit. Since the clinician is controlling the platform, it provides a safe, controlled, and comfortable exercise without the risk of injury that can occur with free motion types of balance trainers that are found in other facilities in the area.

“Without the machine, we wouldn’t have been able to improve the proprioception and balance of key players as quickly. The functional training allows them to feel more confident in their recovery and concentrate more on their on-the-field play than on their injuries. We use the PROPRIO® on a daily basis. We use the machine to perform baseline tests for all of our players during the off-season. This way, if a player gets injured during the season, I can compare his progress to his baseline test. This testing also gives us a chance to check our players for any type of postural deficiencies they may have, and correct them before it causes an injury.”

Ron Medlin, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer, Atlanta Falcons

One of a Kind

No other machine can be used with as wide a user group as the PROPRIO Reactive Balance Systems. Because the platforms are fully controlled by the clinician, weight-bearing, closed-chain rehabilitation can begin sooner because the fear of further injury caused by unwanted platform movement is removed. Users regularly report their rehabilitation is fun on the PROPRIO machines and they look forward to their session.

Targeted conditions

  • Orthopedic – ACL reconstruction, knee and ankle injuries, hip and knee replacements, shoulder and back injuries
  • Neurological – Post-concussion syndrome, vestibular disease, stroke, diabetic neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease
  • Geriatric – Osteoarthritis, age-related disease, and fall prevention

Specific applications

  • Baseline and Post-Injury testing for concussion management
  • Balance evaluation
  • Balance training
  • Proprioceptive training
  • Body control and posture training
  • Weight bearing range of motion exercises
  • Core strengthening
  • Stabilization muscles strengthening
  • Functional / Activities of Daily Living training