MedicalMotion 3D Motion Analysis System

Partnering with Medical Motion video capture systems, The Vereen Center now has the premiere motion analysis system in the region.  Whether you have already sustained an injury and are looking to prevent a recurrence or are simply trying to improve your form, this high speed, ultra high definition system will allow the clinical staff at Vereen to analyze and correct any faults that are present. We can analyze anything from simple walking to the most complex gymnastic or diving skill and breakdown, frame by frame, all of the components and tweak joint position to maximize power and minimize risk of injury. With recording speeds of 60 frames per second we won’t miss a thing.

Video capture technology is the most effective way for our clinical staff to take an in depth look at any movement and determine its effectiveness and safety. For instance, current research shows examining the position of the elbow when pitching a baseball is the number one way to determine if the pitcher has an increased likelihood of developing shoulder impingement.   Shoulder impingement is a condition in which the rotator cuff is compressed and over time can be torn.  A rotator cuff tear typically requires surgery and can spell the end of a promising young career.  Utilizing the Medical Motion video capture system, our staff can correct the throwing motion and prevent the impingement and future damage to the rotator cuff.

This same technology can be used to analyze a golf swing, tennis serve, running stride or practically any athletic maneuver.  The analysis can be used to increase power, endurance, and efficiency, as well as decrease the risk of injury or re-injury.  The Vereen Center is proud to offer this technology.