HydroWorx Physical Therapy Pool

The Fastest Rehab. Superior Conditioning. All At The Vereen Center.

After any type of injury or surgery, increasing our patient or athlete’s mobility while still maintaining conditioning is a top priority. By taking advantage of the body’s buoyancy in water, the advanced technology of the Vereen Center’s HydroWorx physical therapy pools eliminates 20% to 100% of a person’s bodyweight. As a result, patients or athletes who are unable to exercise on land can achieve immediate rehabilitative results while carrying as little as 0% of their bodyweight underwater.

How Does It Work?

When exercising in a physical therapy pool, hydrostatic pressure, water temperature and resistance combine to enhance cardiovascular stamina, muscle strength, and flexibility and drive early range of motion gains during post-surgical recovery. Gait training in a low-impact environment allows for earlier replication of proper ambulatory biomechanics and reduces the accumulated damage of land exercise.

The cutting-edge technology of HydroWorx workout pools allows our physical therapists and athletic trainers to prescribe a myriad of exercises at varying intensity levels, promoting extensive, pain-free joint movement and strengthening. With HydroWorx, rehabilitation and performance training can begin significantly sooner than on land.  What’s more, we have found that our patients and athletes enjoy the time they spend in the HydroWorx rehab pool; this creates a positive mindset, which is conducive to healing.

Variable Speed Underwater Treadmill

The HydroWorx underwater treadmill at the Vereen Center allows our patients and athletes to simulate appropriate walking mechanics and exercise virtually pain free. The variable speed treadmill allows patients to progress at their own pace, while the buoyancy of the water eliminates the fear of falling or re-injury.  The underwater treadmill also provides resistance for range of motion exercises and for stretching and therapeutic exercises.

Resistance/Therapy Jets

We are also able to increase strength and range of motion in our patients and athletes’ joints and muscles by utilizing the resistance and therapy jets in the HydroWorx pool. Walking or jogging on the treadmill against the jets enhances therapy and builds strength and stamina. Stretching and exercising against the jets also tones and relaxes muscles and the jets aid in stripping the muscles of lactic acid.