Fusionetics Athlete Performance System

Reduce Injuries – Improve Performance – Get Back in the Game Faster

The Vereen Center has partnered with Fusionetics for the integration of sports science, clinical application, and cutting-edge technology to deliver efficient and effective solutions focused on decreasing injury, optimizing performance, and enhancing recovery.

Movement Efficiency Testing

Test  and analyze each individual’s movement efficiency, the key factor for injury risk and performance limitations.

Recovery & Readiness Testing

Athlete data drives real-time analytics as to recovery behaviors and readiness status

Actionable Analytics

We turn data into action. Fusionetics takes real data, turns it into actual analytics, to recommend interventions that can be applied right now…it’s simple and fast!

Personalized Programming

Utilizing an evidence-based algorithm we develop recommended programs that are personalized and customizable to target individual needs in every body.