Recognize an Employee

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2023 Employee of the Year Lauren Cox, RN

Colquitt Regional takes pride in its employees. They are the heart of our organization and we love to give them recognition. Have you had an exceptional encounter with one of our employees? Let us know below! We have several awards that are given throughout the year. To see previous award winners Click Here.

The Daisy Award Nomination - For Nurses

The Hearts & Hands Award Nomination - For Nursing Assistants

The PHIL Award Nomination - For Respiratory Therapists

The PHIL Award (Pulmonary Health and Illnesses of the Lungs) was established by the FACES Foundation to recognize outstanding respiratory therapists who provide care and treatment for patients with respiratory illnesses. 

The PHIL Award will be give annually to one respiratory therapist at Colquitt Regional, who has been nominated on the basis of professional excellence and compassion in the education and care of patients with pulmonary illness. 

Exceptional Experiences - For All Employees

Have you had an exceptional experience with one of our staff members? Tell us about it below!