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Colquitt Regional is a leading destination in the region for hip and knee total joint replacement surgeries!  We were the first hospital in South Georgia to receive the Gold Seal of Approval for Certification from the Joint Commission for our Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement Program. We are also the only hospital in the region to acquire Mako SmartRobotics technology for Total Knee Replacements. Our multidisciplinary team approach helps patients return home and recover as quickly as possible.

This team includes highly-trained surgeons with a special interest and expertise in joint replacement, physical therapists, case managers, nurses, social workers and — most importantly — patients. The team looks at every step of the patient’s care, from preoperative tests to post-discharge home safety, to ensure that patients achieve the best possible outcomes.

Hip Replacement
Hip replacement is done through a surgical incision. The process involves removing the worn out joint and replacing it with articulating prosthetic components. This procedure may be done through a variety of incisions. Anterior approach limits the amount of muscle involved in the surgery. Physical therapy, joint injection and medication are commonly employed before deciding that surgery is the correct option.

Knee Replacement
Knee replacement (partial or total) is done through a surgical incision on the front of the knee. The joint surfaces at distal end of the femur and proximal end of the tibia are removed and replaced with articulating components. The process stabilizes the joint, and will allow for returned range of motion with physical therapy. The main conditions leading to knee replacement are osteoarthritis, deformity and injury. Physical therapy, joint injection and medication are commonly employed before deciding that surgery is the correct option.

Our orthopedic team also has the only Mako SmartRobotics technology for Total Knee Replacement in South Georgia. The Mako Robot is utilized in both total knee and partial knee replacements, and is an innovative solution for many suffering from painful arthritis of the knee. Mako uses 3D CT-based planning software so your surgeon can know more about your anatomy to create a personalized joint replacement surgical plan.

If you are interested in learning more about the Total Joint Replacement Program at Colquitt Regional please call 229-890-3432 or send us a message.

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Patient Education
We encourage all total joint replacement patients to participate in a Joint Replacement Education class at Colquitt Regional prior to their surgery. This class is held twice a month and is free of charge. Caregivers are asked to attend the class with the patient and lunch will be provided. In the event that you are unable to attend a class, please watch the videos below so that you are adequately prepared for your total joint surgery and recovery


At Colquitt Regional we work closely with athletes, coaches and parents to diagnose and treat a variety of sports related injuries. We offer orthopedic surgery using the latest techniques and technology.

Our partnership with Vereen Rehabilitation Center allows us to follow patients’ progress closely and offer comprehensive care providing the best possible health outcomes.



A fracture occurs when a bone is impacted by a force greater than it can bear. Fractures can range from a minor crack in a bone, to a completely broken bone and a displaced fracture. Our team of highly-trained orthopedists are experienced in fracture care and routinely provide treatment to patients of all ages.


Injuries to the back can have serious consequences, the Spine Center at Colquitt Regional provides prompt evaluation and treatments that are vital to patients’ recovery. Our Board-Certified physicians are widely recognized for their expertise in all areas of the back and spine, including general, cervical, lumbar and thoracic areas.


The Pain Clinic at Colquitt Regional is staffed by a board-certified physician who is committed to providing exceptional patient care. We gladly accept physician or self-referrals and prefer to treat our patients in comprehensive and collaborative effort working with other specialist or primary care physicians.

Click here to learn more about chronic pain, what to expect, what we offer, our doctors or how to schedule an appointment.


The Vereen Rehabilitation Center offers a variety of treatments including physical, occupational, speech and aquatic therapies, along with a wound care clinic. Our team of highly trained professionals are here to help our patients gain confidence and strength by providing one-on-one care, focusing on the individual during treatment.