Nurse Residency Program

The Nurse Residency Program (NRP) supports new nurse graduates as they transition into their first professional role as caregivers. This extensive one-year program features a series of learning and hands-on experience that develops clinical leadership skills necessary to become a successful member of the healthcare team.


  • 12-month program
  • Two cohorts per year
  • Topics reviewed by content experts that promote resident engagement
  • One 4-hour seminar each month
  • Clinical reflection time that allows nurse residents to share their day-to-day experiences amongst their peers
  • An evidence-based initiative that is completed by each nurse resident; a project that looks to either improve a work-flow process, improve patient care delivery, or implement an employee empowerment tool


  • Better use of effective decision-making skills
  • Nurse Empowerment
  • Improved incorporation of research-based evidence into practice
  • Increase Nurse Retention
  • Enhanced clinical nursing leadership
  • Improved Patient Safety


  • Graduated from an Accredited Nursing Program (ADN, BSN)
  • Less than one-year experience in nursing
  • Commit to all 12 scheduled seminars and completion of the evidenced-based initiative

All new hires that fit criteria are required to go through the program.

3131 S. Main St. Moultrie, GA 31768

Danielle Richardson, RN
Nursing Residency Coordinator