Individuals/Couples making a one-time or pledged gift of $10,000 or more.

LEGACY MEMBER ($250,000+)

Beverly and D.W. Adcock, M.D.
Laura and Ricky Dell
Rosalind and Jimmy Jeter
Teresa and Steve Hufstetler
Joyce and James Kirk, II
Cindy and Tony Lasseter
Carrie and Judd Lasseter
Farolyn and Patrick Mobley
Vereen Family Foundation


Chaltsy and Monty Carlton, III
Anne and Monty Carlton, Jr.
Susan and Billy Edwards
Denise and Wayne Edwards
Ann G. Friedlander
Jennifer and D.Q. Harris, M.D.
Sybil and Randy Knight
Diane and Jim Lowry
Martha Faye Murphy
Trupti and Shamb Purohit
Janet and Brooks Sheldon

KEY FOUNDER ($50,000)

Lauren and Travis Bailey, D.O.
Molly and Justin Baker, M.D.
Megan and Bill Bishop
Debbie and Robert Brown, M.D.
Drs. Catherine and Michael Brown
Drs. Roxana Aguirre & Mauricio Carballo
Gayla and Bobby Cobb
Judy and Andrew Cordista, M.D.
Lori Movsovitz and Todd Edlin
Mitzi and Donnie Edwards
Wayne C. Evans
Erica and Matthew Filer
Dr. and Mrs. Ayman Hakim
Deborah and Merrill Hicks Jr., M.D.
Fliss and Dan Jeter
Pam and Greg Johnson
Adam Jones, M.D.
Drs. Laura and Jim Keith
Jewell and Daniel D. Kidder
Teresa and Willard Lasseter
Steve Lazarus
Jill and Jim Matney
Brooke and Lee McGill, M.D.
Danielle and Preston Mobley
Lauren and McClellan Mobley
Latoya and Frederick Powell, M.D.
Gail and Bob Qurnell
Denise and Scott Romanowski
Amber and Jacob D. Schwartz, M.D.
Drs. Pallavi Luthra and Will Stembridge
Drs. Betty Koukis and Cheau Williams
Dena and Jimmy Zinker


Dena and Jimmy Zinker
Nancy and Simon Adames, M.D.
Lynette and Raymond Aldridge, M.D.
Carlton S. Duggan Family
Samantha & Steve Allen
Celina and Cecil Barber
Dr. Elaine and Mr. Steve Barber
Beth and Quentin Bates
Jeannette and Chris Bazal, M.D.
Deryl and C. Victor Beadles
Ellen and Duncan Beard
Cara and Joseph Beavers, M.D.
Linda and Seth Berl, M.D.
Mary and Joe Beverly
Julie and Andy Bhavnani
Lisa and James Bivins
Drs. Melissa and Jared Cardwell
Christine and Matthew Clifton
Evelyn P. Cope
Renee and Dale G. Crosby
Sharon H. and Marc DeMott
Staci and Tony DeRosso
Joshua Dietzer, M.D.
Kelly and Kelly Dixon
Angela and Brian Duck
Carlton S. Duggan Family
Bonnie and Bill Edwards
Heather and Jonathan Edwards
Tommie and John Edwards
Renee and Scott Ellenberg
Jeannie and Thomas Estes, M.D.
Cynthia and Paul Everett
Nicole Lowry Gilbert
Stacy and John Griffin
Dr. Michael Haney
Cynthia and Emerson Harrison, M.D.
Dr. Amber and Will Holt
Tammy and Buddy Horne
JoBeth and Plenn Hunnicutt
Nancy and Roger W. Jackson
Mandy and Phillip Jackson
Dawn and Scott Johns
Jessica and Kent Jordan
Camila and Sean Knowles
Antonella and Joel Lopes, M.D.
Gina and Bryan McDonald
Melissa and Christopher Medders
Nancy and Howard Melton, M.D.
Judy and Mark Mobley
Lesa and Anthony Moser, M.D.
Lauryn and Mark Niday
Beckie and Shain Nowland
Edna and Hugh Oliver
Lori and Andy O’Neal
Betty Manning Ott
Melanie and Claude Owens
Lisa and Louie Perry
Frank Ramsey Pidcock, III
Danielle and Kent Posey, M.D.
Maureen and Billy Ray Price, M.D.
Lynnette and James Small, M.D.
Rhonda and Kirby Smith, D.O.
Amanda and Curt Starling, M.D.
Charlotte and Doug Strange
Elizabeth and Michael Strickland
Kristi and John Paul Sutton
Ellen and James Sutton
Anne and Gary Swartzentruber, M.D.
Marisa and Todd Taylor
Becca and Richie Turner
Fraley and Ken Turnipseed
Anne and Will Vereen
Harvey Vereen
Alicia and David Waller, M.D.
Dottie and Hugh B. Ward, Dmin
Jana and Lane Wear
Christa and Joseph Weathers
Rachel and Woodwin Weeks, D.O.
Patti and Marcus Wells
Shana Rae and Mark Wertz
Harriett and James Whelchel
Lisa and David Zeanah

FOUNDER ($10,000)

Heather and Ron Adams
Amanda Adams
Diane and S.R. Adcock, M.D.
Judy and David Adcock, II M.D.
Carol and Alfred Aguero, DMD
Abida and Mueez Ahmed
Charlie Allen
Payson Allen
Leslie and Scott Alterman
Alana and Levi Anderson
Margaret Anne and Mick Anderson
Jamie and Matt Anderson
Cindy and Kermit Ary Jr, DPM
Joy and Jimmy Ausburn
Lia and Joe Baker
Carol and Chuck Bannister
Christine L. Barber
Leo T. Barber, Jr.
Victoria L. Barber
Mildred Barlow
Dawn and Jeffery Barnett, DMD
Latrelle Barnwell
Beth and Richard Bass
Amanda and Bud Beaty
Hengameh and Keivan Beroukhim
Ellen and Bob Blumenthal
Jan and Gary Boley
Carol and Jim Boyd
Donna and Michael Brady
Beth and Cliff Bridges
Staci and Matt Brill
Jane H. Brown
Marie and Keith Brown
Edie and Leon Brunty
Barnwell Calhoun
Jo Anne and K.G. Cardin
Anna and John Carlton
Eloise Bell Carlton
Robert Montague Carlton, IV
Roy Carter
Karen and James Carver
Maddie and Nathan Cashwell
Odelle Cato
Stephanie D. Causbey
Kiana and Matthew Cavin
Julianne and Saxby Chambliss
Pamela and Joey Chapman
Vera Clark
Bonnie and Jim Clayton
Rhonda and Todd Close
Julianne and Joseph Coleman
Mica and Lanny Copeland, M.D.
Whitney and Greg Costin
Drs. Brittany and Daryl Crenshaw
Tammy and Terrence Croyle, M.D.
Kappy and William J. deButts, III
Whitney and Daniel Dell
Chamagne and Dominic DeSalvo
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Dillard
Samah Moussa and Akache Dimassi
Catie Duskin, D.O.
Stephanie and Matthew Dozier
Casey G. Durden
Margo and Shiel Edlin
Kate Evans
Charles Evans
Emily and Griffin Evans, Jr.
Jonathan Fairley, M.D.
Gracie and Mitchell Faucette
Megan and Gates Ford
Charlotte and Christopher Franklin
Cheryl and Kirk Friedlander
Scott Friedlander
Angela D. and Dennis W. Futch
Pamela and Stephen Gannon
Beth and Hamilton Garner
Morgan T. Gilbert
Courtney L. Gilbert
Kelly and Aaron Goff
Karen and Matt Gould
Kathy and Miles Graivier
Jessica and Scotty Green
Charles Mark Griffin
Margie and Mike Haney, M.D.
Cameron and John Harper
Rainmeya and Terrance Harris
Karen Hart
Alyson Moler and Brandon Hayes
Joanne J. Heckman
Carol and David Herndon
Nell Hiers
Patricia and Michael Hopkins, OD
Paula and Lennon Howell
Lauren and Rob Howell
Phyllis Hughes
Kelly and Timmy Hunter
Lee Hunter
Laura Bryant and John Hutton
Yasamin and Humza Ilyas
DeAnna and Gregg Isaacs
Jeff Jeffords
Jacie Dawn Johns
Amanda and Ashley Johnson
Tamara Maquita Johnson, M.D.
Kelly and Lyndy Jones
Linda and Fred Jones
Barbara and Lynn Jones, Sr.
Jeffrey Jonsson
Patricia Lee June, M.D.
Jeffrey Jursik
Witenba Kabange, M.D.
Alane and Clint Kadel
Donna and Douglas Kallman
Katarzyna and Benjamin Kelly
Melanie and Dan Kerrigan
Jordan and Tyler Key
Cormac Kimberly
Isabel Kimberly
David Kimberly
Haley and Chad Klar, M.D.
Linda and Thomas Kohberger
Joy Barber Kryder and Stan Kryder
Sandy and Rob Larmore, III
Thomas J. Laseter
Kathryn and Richard Lee
Stephanie and Paul Leonard
Staci and Joel Libowsky
Hope Littleton
Carolyn and Gary Lodge, M.D.
Kayla and Josh Long
Mandy and Gary Mackie
Katherine and Danny MacQuirter
Karen and Joe Macrina
Priyanka and Venu Madhipatla, M.D.
Traci and Fred Martin
Jabari I. J. Martin, M.D.
Ashley and Chad Massey
Surekha Satyanarayan Matcha
Henry Matney
Sarah Matney
William Matney
Karen and Dale McGregor, D.O.
Camila and Michael McLean
Linda and Ron Mead
Patti and Stewart Merdian
Keena and Jerry Milligan
Britney and Jake Mobley
Rebecca and John Mark Mobley, III
Haley and Caleb Morris
Edna Moye
Rufus H. Murphy
Erick Myrtil, M.D.
Jean and Rex Neal
John Neel
Alex and Joshua S. Newton, M.D.
Susan S. Newton
Lynn and Michael Nixon
Cori and Stephen Norman
Martha and Edwin Nunnery
James O’Kelley
Melinda and William S. Ortwein
Oswald, son of mascot UGA V
Nancy and C. Mathew Paine, M.D.
Neema and Darshak Pandya
Sonal and Dhaval Patel
Judy and Vincent Payne
Dena and Bob Pearce
Donna and Jerry Peljovich
Barbara A. Peoples
Sandra and Craig Perry
Rebecca and John Peters
Frank Ramsey Pidcock, IV
Casimira and James Pittman
Shannon and Robby L. Pitts
Krysta and Cory Porteus, D.O.
Julie and Cole Posey
Patricia and Jody Powell
Amy and Tim Powers
Lara and Scott Price
Catherine and Alan Prince
Zuri Evans and Qammar Rashid
Danielle and Chad Raszler
Robin and John Lee Redding, DMD
Cheryle and Roy Reeves
Toni Leigh and Daniel Riddle
Jessica and Jeffrey Rivenbark
Barbara Spivey Roberts
Tracy and Brian Robinson
Devin and Wesley Rogers
Christine and Raul Santos, M.D.
Katrina and Robert Sasine, M.D.
Shannon and Craig Schlottman
Darby and Jeff Sewell
Angela and Chad Sheldon, M.D.
Meg and Wilson Sheldon
Betty Shiflett
Lisa and Herbert Short
Melissa and Larry Sims
Vicki and Jeffrey Skorput
Jackie and Ricky Sloan
Alisha Sloan
Alexa and Brandon Smith
Gail and Terry Sparkman
David Wm. Spence
Madis and Harry Spires
Brooke and Robert Spruill, M.D.
Janet and Tom Stallings
Stacey and Christopher Stanton
Mary and Chip Stapleton
Mandi and Scottie Strickland
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Tharp
Marina and Michael Thayer, M.D.
Lynn and Chris Thomas
Elizabeth and Michael Thompson
Sarah and Derrick Thornton, OD
Robin and Terry Tillman
Vickie Geibel and Nicki Trawick
Jill and Todd Trebony, M.D.
Martha Greene Tucker
Carolyne Turner
Ret Turner
Greer E. Turnipseed
Ellis A. Turnipseed
Sally and David Tyndall
Mary Ann and Brad Tyson
Jessica and Jody Tyson
Michele and Lawrence Ukpong, D.O.
Jolanta and Arunas Urbonas
Georgianna and John Valentino
Molly and Jonathan Vaughn
Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Vereen, Jr.
Erie and Frank Wagner
Sheila Sesan and Mitchell Waldman
Sandra and Terry Walker
Mandy and Kelly Walker
Kathryn E. Ward
Amanda M. Ward
Emily and Sam Watson
Wilda and Grady Weeks
Alice and Hoyt H. Whelchel, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Whittle
Sally and Winston Wilfong, M.D.
Nancy and George Williams
Amy and Michael Williams
Susan and Richard Willis
Rae and Curtis Wilson
Stella and Eric Wingate
Caroline and George Wommack
Lara and Joseph Woods
Margaret and Scotland Wright
Yvonne and Mike Wyche
Dr. Maureen and Steve Yearta
Erica and Daniel R. York, D.O.
Angela and Jeffery Young
Li and William Zhu, M.D.


Businesses making a one-time or pledged gift of $10,000 or more.

Ameris Bank
Colquitt Regional Employees
Colquitt Regional Volunteers
Lasseter Tractor Company
Waldo Deloache Trust Foundation

Robert Hutson Chrysler Dodge Jeep & Ram Trucks
The First, A.N.B.A.

Anna M. and James Kirk Foundation
Larry Franklin Properties
Turning Point Care Hospital
Whelchel & Carlton, LLP

Bank of America
Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC
Canfor Southern Pine
Chancy Drugs
Colony Bank
Draffin & Tucker, LLP
Forms Management, Inc.
Mobley Gin Company
Mobley Greenhouse, Inc.
Owens & Minor
Siemens Medical Systems
Southwest Georgia Insurance Services
Rainey Used Cars, Inc.
UHS Management Services
Windstream Communication

Blount Concrete Service
Baker Funeral Home
Barber Contracting Company
Broadleaf Trucking
Colquitt Loan
Commercial Banking Company
Coopercraft Communications, Inc
Credit Bureau Associates of Georgia
Duggan Horne Foundation
Hurst Boiler & Welding Co. Inc
Hutchinson-Traylor Insurance
JE Dunn Construction
JCI General Contractors
K.G. Cardin & Sons Farms
KLG Atlanta, Inc.
Metz Culinary Management
Moultrie Junior Woman’s Club, Inc.
Network Technology Solutions
Pentas Wealth Management
Rainey Used Cars, Inc.
Robert Hutson Ford Lincoln
Secure Records Solutions
South Georgia Banking Company
St. Jude Medical
Sterling Diagnostics
Wal-Mart Foundation
Windham Brannon