A few things to note regarding infusions: 

– Recent studies have indicated that certain monoclonal antibody infusions (Regen-Cov) that were highly effective in treating the delta variant are not as effective in treating the omicron variant.
– There is an alternative monoclonal antibody infusion that has shown some clinical benefit. However, the U.S. Health & Human Services Administration is in control of the supply chain for antibody infusions, and we are receiving limited quantities for our patients. As a result, we are having to reserve infusions for those with the most acute symptoms and highest risk of hospitalization.
Please assist us in caring for our patients by only utilizing our Emergency Department if you need emergency medical care. If you need assistance in managing mild/moderate covid symptoms please call your primary care provider’s office. If you do not have a primary care provider, please call the COVID-19 Hotline at 229-891-9380, and we will assist you in finding a provider.

As always, please social distance when possible, wear a mask (especially when indoors), wash hands frequently, and consider receiving a vaccine or vaccine booster if you have not already.