Resident Spotlight: Dr. Richard Tricardo

Having a background and former career in law, Dr. Richard Tricardo realized at an early age that most people who encounter the criminal justice system suffered from mental health issues such as drugs and alcohol dependence. This is the catalyst that sent him on a journey to receive his medical degree.

A native of New York City, Tricardo attended New York University where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in economics. He then went on to law school at St. John’s University School of Law in Queens, New York. Through his work, he realized that he wanted to help those struggling with the law, but in a different way. Eight years later, Tricardo attended medical school at St. George’s University School of Medicine and received his medical degree.

“I wanted to attend medical school to provide an alternative to incarceration,” said Tricardo. “A better way to help these people is to address the underlying issue of addiction and chemical dependance. This is exactly what the field of psychiatry will allow me to do.”

Having lived and grown up in a large metropolitan area, Tricardo was ready to look for a change of scenery when it came time to choose a residency program.

“I wanted a small-town setting where I could be part of the community,” said Tricardo. “I had always been part of a large community coming from New York City and always felt the close-knit sense of community and a feeling of belonging was lacking.”

He eventually found himself in Moultrie at Georgia South Psychiatry Residency Program, approximately 1,000 miles away from his hometown. Upon interviewing, Tricardo felt like this program was the exact fit he had been searching for.

Not only did he have to pack up and move to an entirely new region, he also was about to become part of the inaugural class of the psychiatry residency program at Georgia South. He credits his great interview with the coordinators and directors at Georgia South as a solidifying factor in his choice to join the program.

“During the interview process, there was a mutual connection,” said Tricardo. “I was looking for a rural program and my interviewer told me I would be a perfect fit. They thoroughly reviewed my application and told me they were looking for someone like me with real world experience that could lead and be part of the inaugural class.”

Although the program is in its first year, Tricardo has had nothing but great experiences. He spoke of his confidence in the training he is receiving and that Georgia South is fully preparing him to be the best physician possible.

“My experience at Georgia South has been nothing short of excellent,” said Tricardo. “Every day, I wake up excited to work, to meet new people, and learn new things. I am truly blessed to have been invited into this community. Because it is a new program, individual attention is given to each resident and it fosters an environment which allows each resident to achieve their goals.”

When asked what his favorite memory has been thus far, Tricardo recalled a particularly touching moment that made a lasting impression of the care and attentiveness given by the Georgia South Faculty and Staff, along with the greater community.

“The acceptance and friendliness of the entire community has been overwhelming,” said Tricardo. “During my first week in Moultrie, my one-year-old son got sick before he could get established with a provider. The personal attention and level of care shown by Dr. Weeks and the Colquitt Regional hospital staff is something I will never forget.”

Outside the walls of the clinic and hospital, you can find Tricardo entertaining his three kids, Elsa, 7, Luke, 5, and Henry, 1, by taking them to some of their favorite places, such as the zoo, park, playground, and swimming pool.