Resident Spotlight: Jermaine Robinson

Dr. Jermaine Robinson, a Fort Lauderdale, Florida native, discovered the Georgia South Family Medicine Residency program at a Residency and Hospital Expo that he attended during his time in medical school. After speaking with one of the Georgia South residents, Robinson decided to make his way to Moultrie to complete an audition rotation.

“I immediately became interested in the program and the city after Dr. Kayla Batchelor highly recommended it,” said Robinson. “It was during the audition rotation that I became enamored with both the residency and the city, so I decided that I wanted to reside and train in Moultrie.”

Before moving to Moultrie, Robinson attended the University of Florida where he majored in Political Science. He then completed his medical education at the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine in Dothan, Alabama.

Robinson said he wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare industry to make an impact on people’s overall well-being.

“I wanted to help people in a truly significant way by improving an individual’s health,” said Robinson. “I also wanted a career that allows me to actively serve the community and build strong long-term relationships with people. As a family medicine physician I can do just that.”

After completing his audition rotation, Robinson made his way to Moultrie for his first year of residency at Georgia South.

“I chose Georgia South because I wanted a well-rounded, rigorous curriculum that offers the full breadth of primary care and trains me to provide health care to diverse patient populations,” said Robinson. “Georgia South has amazing attending physicians that are supportive and enthusiastic about teaching, and encourage independent thinking.”

When asked why he chose the specialty of family medicine, Robinson said he wanted to be the first line of defense for patients in their care.

“I want to be able to provide holistic and preventative medicine that would allow my patients to live longer and healthier lives and thwart disease and complications before they arise,” said Robinson. “I also love the variety of ailments observed and managed as a family medicine physician. Most of all, I value and appreciate the relationships I am able to build with my patients and the entire community.”=

Robinson, currently in his first year of residency, wants to own his own traditional family medicine and osteopathic neuromuscular medicine practice one day, along with continuing to offer inpatient care for patients in the hospital. He also is interested in obstetrics, osteopathic manual manipulation, and outpatient procedures.

When not practicing medicine, Robinson enjoys traveling, watching Netflix and Hulu, cheering on the Florida Gators, and playing, watching, and coaching basketball.