Resident Spotlight: Dr. Bayan Suleiman

Originally from The Bronx, New York, Dr. Bayan Suleiman’s passion for healthcare is something that she remembers being ingrained in her from a very young age.

“I am a first generation college student,” said Suleiman. “My love for science and healthcare stemmed from my mother, who was also passionate about science and biology during high school, but was unable to complete her high school degree because she immigrated to the USA. I also have always had a passion for working with people and helping others through education and service.”

Suleiman went on to attend the University of Vermont, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics. She then completed her Master of Public Health degree from The George Washington University, Milkin Institute School of Public Health, followed by her medical degree from Trinity School of Medicine.

As medical school began to draw to an end, it was time for her to consider which residency program she was going to attend. After hearing about Georgia South Family Medicine Residency Program’s excellent reputation, she decided to make her way to Moultrie to visit.

“I had heard great things about the program prior to applying,” said Suleiman. “I attended an open house last September with Dr. Kayla Batchelor and Dr. Arian Baker and they helped increase my interest in the program when they spoke about the lifestyle here and the family life. Also, the program having a 100 percent board pass rate is important to me and I am thoroughly impressed with the broad-spectrum family medicine training that residents receive in the program.”

Not only did Georgia South check all the boxes for residency, but the support of Colquitt Regional and the vast exposure she would receive to an array of disciplines also appealed to her.

“The different subspecialites offered to residents for training was one aspect that really sold me on the program and facility,” said Suleiman. “This has allowed us residents to get our hands in many different pots before we have to decide what we want to do after residency.”

Now in her second year of residency, Suleiman has no doubt she made the right choice and that Georgia South is setting her up well for future success in her field.

“I think we are being prepared to practice in comprehensive rural family medicine, which will be extremely helpful no matter where we decide to practice in the future,” said Suleiman. “The variety that we see here in obstetrics, pediatrics, surgery, outpatient and inpatient care is one of the best things about the program and something I believe is training us to be adequately equipped to take on future challenges with patients.”

Having a background in public health, she feels that family medicine was the perfect fit for her and is one of the major reasons she chose that as her specialty.

“Family medicine is the field of healthcare where I can focus on individual patient care and community health issues, which is very important to me in my medical career,” said Suleiman. “Applying my public health training to my clinical training will be beneficial to myself, my colleagues and my community as a whole.”

In addition to family medicine, Suleiman has a strong desire to be an advocate for women’s health and bring needed resources to minority patient populations, specifically in obstetrics and gynecology.

When not practicing medicine, she may be found cooking, listening to music and dancing, or traveling to historic locations.