Colquitt Regional Volunteers Donate A Nasal High Flow System To Colquitt Regional

Colquitt Regional Volunteers recently donated funds to the Colquitt Regional Respiratory Department for the purchase of two Airvo™ 2 Nasal High Flow devices. 

The AIRVO portable device creates efficient oxygen flows from 2L/m to 60L/m to improve oxygenation in adults, pediatrics, and infants. These devices increase patient comfort levels by delivering high flows of humidified air. “With the build of our new pediatric unit, we wanted dedicated equipment that required no medical air hook-up, only oxygen outlets.” said Rita Gay, Director of Respiratory, “This device also reduces the noise burden in the room for infants and pediatrics.“

Volunteers support many health initiatives throughout Colquitt Regional Medical Center by donating money for various equipment and supplies. 

In the past, Volunteers have donated funds for the purchase of blanket warmers for Colquitt Regional’s Oncology and Dialysis units and hemorrhage Rapid Response units for Labor and Delivery.

Funds for these donations are made possible through the proceeds from The Pink Pearl Gift Shop, located in the hospital’s main lobby. The Pink Pearl carries a variety of gift items, apparel, jewelry, flowers, and candies. The earnings of the gift shop allow volunteers to purchase necessary equipment for the hospital, donate annually to hospital improvement projects, and contribute to the community through community service projects.

Pictured L-R is Candiss Faircloth, RRT, Martha Williamson, Brenda Foy, and Christy Cheek Buckner, RRT.