Resident Spotlight: Dr. Allison Tresner

From a young age, Dr. Allison Tresner knew she was bound for the medical field. She often found herself being drawn to anything healthcare-related and while that motivation for her future career path was innate, there was another driving factor in her career trajectory – someone very close to her heart. Her father.

“The simple reason for why I wanted to get into healthcare is because I was always the little kid who watched pharmaceutical commercials on TV and drew body parts on my kindergarten placemat,” said Tresner. “The more substantial answer is that as a young child, I watched my dad receive extensive treatment due to his diabetes and that was a motivator for me to delve further into healthcare, even as I was growing up. I’ve always been pretty certain that I wanted to be a doctor and honoring my dad has been a huge part of that.”

Tresner attended Concordia University in Mequon, Wisconsin, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise physiology. She then went on to receive her Master of Science degree in exercise science and health promotion from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida.

After completing her graduate education, Tresner started the pursuit of her medical degree. In May 2023, she was part of the monumental first graduating class of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine – South Georgia.

The relationship between Tresner and Georgia South first began during her years in medical school when she completed her core and elective rotations.

“It was always such a pleasure to work with the faculty, staff, and residents at Georgia South,” said Tresner. “I thought I could definitely see myself fitting into the program.”

As Tresner began to start the application process for residency, Georgia South remained at the top of her list. However, it wasn’t solely the residency program that made the decision for her – Colquitt Regional was another huge selling point.

“Colquitt Regional was the hospital I had been looking at during my years in medical school,” said Tresner. “The hospital and everyone in it have been such cheerleaders and supporters for PCOM South Georgia, so it only felt natural to stay a part of this community and keep going with the people that helped make it all possible from the very beginning.”

Now, as a first-year family medicine resident in the program, Tresner knows she made the right decision and that Georgia South is helping train her to be the best physician possible.

“My experience at Georgia South has been wonderful,” said Tresner. “It has been exactly what I imagined it would be – great graduate medical education and great people. I am certain that I will be prepared for a long, prosperous career in family medicine in whichever capacity I choose.”

When asked why she chose family medicine, Tresner again recalled her father’s physical illnesses and how that played a large role in her choice.

“Not only did my dad struggle with the physical manifestations of diabetes, but also the mental health struggles that are associated with being diagnosed and living with a chronic disease,” said Tresner. “When I first started medical school, I was pretty sure that I wanted to do family medicine to be able to treat both physical and mental health. As I continued on into my clinical rotations, I kept an open mind and enjoyed every single rotation. They say when you like a little bit of everything, whether it’s pediatrics, adult, women’s health or whatever else, you end up in family medicine. I liked everything, so that’s why I’m here. Ready to treat and learn about anything and everything.”

When not practicing medicine, you may find Tresner exercising, going to the beach, watching movies, or traveling. A favorite pastime of hers is going to Salzburg, Austria with her mom.